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SSMRV Degree College
Estblished In : 1982
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Most of the R.V. Institutions take their birth at the R.V. Teacher's College building where the Trust office is situated. The SSMRV College- the Sivananda Sarma Memorial R.V. College was founded as a PU Commerce College for Boys in 1982, at the R.V. Teacher's College building. However, as years passed by, realizing the tremendous need to educate boys and girls, the college was made a degree co-educational college in 1992.

The college shifted its precincts to 1st Phase J.P Nagar as the strength increased (where D.A. Pandu R.V. Dental College is presently housed). In the year 2003, the college finally shifted to the newly built campus at 4th ‘T" Block, jayanagar. Originally started as a Commerce PU College, the college now offers degree courses in Science, Commerce & Management.
Keeping in line with the goal of the Trust, the college believes in imparting skill and value based holistic education. In doing so, the college helps students to develop academic, personal, skill-based values.

As you enter the college, interestingly, the first thing that you see is the Library. Unlike most of the institutions where you have to go to the interiors, the Lord Ganesha at the entrance of the library invites you. What attracts you at the library most are not just books, journals, and magazines, but the wonderful ‘Sayings' on the walls of the library.

A tour of the institution, tells you how thoughtful the RSS Trust has been while building an institution of this stature. Wide staircases, huge well ventilated tiled laboratories, big classrooms with separate chairs & desks, and air everywhere are a reality here. In fact, some of the classrooms even possess state-of-the-art facilities like fixed LCD projector, screens, etc.

The Micro-biology laboratory has a number of student made models that indicate how a science course can be made creative. The Food Technology an UGC sponsored certificate course helps students understand the nuances of food processing,
fertilization, preservation of food, etc better. The Research Center (Kuvempu University) of the Dept of English helps students to hone their English speaking skills.


NMKRV College for Women
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As you enter the portals of the college, a serene atmosphere invites you... Goddess Sharada adorns the entrance with a benevolent smiling face. The breeze of the trees, bushes and a carpet of greens make you feel, an abundant aura of freshness. In the lounge you find the pictures of the donors and the Founder Secretary-Sri.Meda Kasturi Ranga Setty, Nagarathnamma Meda Kasturi Ranga Setty and Sri.M.C.Sivnanda Sarma. Also is a picture of Late.Dr.C.N.Mangala, the first Principal of the college. Placed at the centre is the idol of Lord Ganesha, the Universal God of Education.

The college that was started as a Pre-University College in 1971 with just 150 students has grown in leaps and bounds. In 1973, it bifurcated as the NMKRV Degree College for Women. Based on the Goals of the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust, the vision of the college is to ‘Educate, Enrich & Empower students, especially girls. The founder's believed in the dictum ‘Educating a girl child is like educating the entire family'. What was started in the early 70's with a meager strength of 150 students has grown in just 38 years as an edifice of educational excellence.

A strong foundation laid by the founders has made it possible to see that the college is housed in a vast 4 ½ acre land with a 4 storied main building, a UGC Block, a state-of-the-art auditorium, a library, museum, play grounds, and an examination center, and another huge auditorium.

With a strong motivation drawn from the ideals of Late. M.C.Sivananda Sarma and the RSS Trust, the College ventured into unknown frontiers of education like Applied Botany, Journalism/Communication, Women's Studies in the eighties. After the decennial year, the student strength had crossed the 3000 mark. Being a pioneer of many courses, students joined the institution from far and across the state.

The many firsts of the institution is the USP that is helping the college to remain in the ‘top ten' colleges' list in Bangalore. The college speaks volumes about tradition, culture, heritage and academics.

The college became ‘autonomous' in 2006. Since then, a number of academic reformations have been implemented. The UGC_University Grants commission also accorded the ‘College with Potential for Excellence' (CPE) status on the college in 2009. In fact, this helped the institution to grow.


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