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R.V.Higher Primary School
Estblished In : 1940

Vijayadashami –a day to reckon with everything victorious is THE DAY chosen by R.V. to begin anything auspicious. On this day, in obscure little premises in Vishweshwarapuram in Bangalore South, Late .M.C.Sivananda Sarma, a visionary par excellence with great zeal, determination and grit started the R.V. Higher Primary School with barely six students. It was an uphill task for him to enlist the cooperation of people and parents in that locality, to make them admit their children to this ‘small little school’ which thus laid the foundation for an edifice of excellence.

The shift to present day has not been an easy task. Indeed, the sincere efforts and deep rooted dedication of the members of the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust has made it possible to ‘achieve the unachievable’.

The school presently situated at Shastrinagar, Bangalore is indeed a profound expression of humility, social service, what education for the needy really means. When education has become a ‘Commercial venture’ and in the days of ‘Right to Education’, the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust provides a foundation for ‘Real Education for all strata of society’.

The nursery children are a cute bunch to see, with innocence brimming on their faces. The school children are provided with free uniforms by the Government; midday meals under the Akshayapatra scheme of ISKCON. In addition, the Management also provides free milk and biscuits for nursery kids and a concession of Rs.75/- for transport to school.

Although a Kannada medium school, students are trained to speak, write and read English fluently. The ideals of Late. M.C.Sivananda Sarma to provide education for every child, the social initiative of the RSS Trust has been embedded in this School which was founded in 1940 by the founder Secretary as the first ever step towards serving the society.


R.V. Girls High School
Estblished In : 1962

Even in the early 60’s, when R.V. Girls High School was started, educating girl children was not being given enough importance; The Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust however, had realized the importance of educating girls and started the R.V. Girls High School in the Trust’s building in 1962 where the R.V. Teacher’s college (RVTC) and R.V. Teacher’s Training Institute (RVTTI) were also situated.


In fact, the R.V. Girls High School acted as a training base for RVTC and RVTTI students. Even to this day, RVTC students take classes for R.V. Girls High School students and get trained.

However, there is an interesting history to the starting of the R.V. Girls High School; it goes thus : Every April, the girl students of R.V. Middle School would cry piteously at the time of receiving their Transfer Certificates. They would plead to their Headmaster that they did not want to leave their school and join a strange one, and ask in all innocence, ‘ Why can’t you start a Girl’s High School, Sir?’; he would throw up his hands helplessly because the campus not only housed the middle school but also the Boys High School and the Teacher’s College. Severe space and time constraints necessitated the functioning of all the above institutions in thatched roof huts, under the ‘shift system’. The girls and their parents would then approach late. M.C.Sivananda Sarma was their request, but in vain. In 1962, when the Boys High School was shifted to the Teacher’s College campus, Suddenly there were many empty class rooms!! The best possible way to put them to good use was to start a Girl’s High School. This idea finally saw the light of day only on 7th of June, 1962 when the R.V. Girl’s High School was started with twenty five happy girls sitting proudly at their desks.

The uniqueness of the school, stands out in its various activities; to hone the students scientific temperament, there is a ‘Science Club’, to create interest in humanities, there is ‘Humanities Club’; ‘Language Club’ conducts spoken Sanskrit classes. Personality development camps, seminars, lectures, proficiency classes, etc are held regularly. The list endless.

Understanding the need of Computer Education, the school has installed 11 computers which were provided by America India Foundation. This effort has helped both the staff and students a great deal.

The school boasts of a number of accolades including a Unique Band Set, Best NCC Wing, participation In Republic Day Parade, participation in National Science Exhibition, etc. The feather in the cap of the institution is its ‘Tailoring Classes’ –A set of around 10 sewing machines on which training is offered has indeed helped the ‘needy’ girl students. Students who come from BPL families have become ‘tailors’ to eek out a living with the training offered here.
The school proves the diction ‘R.V.-Thy name is social Service’.

As soon as you enter the first floor of the RSS Trust’s Office , what catches your eye is a beautiful drawing(drawn with colored chalk piece) of a ‘human heart’, intrinsically explaining the different parts of the heart. This creative artwork makes you feel it’s a ‘printed poster’ at the first glimpse. The nearer you go, you realize it’s the “Students’ team work” of art. This clearly shows the effort of the trainers and the trained. Further, a visit to the various sections of the institution clearly indicates, the amount of dedication, sincerity, hard work that has gone into the building of this institution-a dream cum reality of Late. M.C.Sivananda Sarma.


R.V.Public School
Estblished In : 2003
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One of the most recent additions to the R.V. Educational edifices is the R.V. Public School that was established in 2003. This unique Public school deals with the onerous task of training first generation learners in ICSE curriculum.


Keeping in time with the R.V’s dictum ‘Service to society.. is service to self’, the R.V. Public School strives not just to build an academic platform but a base which will develop facets of a student’s character and personality. It aspires to impart quality education and inculcate moral values which will motivate students to grow into well-balance individuals ready to participate at the forefront of world society.

Presently, the school is on an expansion programme. A state-of-the-art building is being constructed with all facilities of a public school; huge well ventilated class rooms, a separate dining hall. Sports hall, ramps for differently abled, etc. next to the present building in Krumbigal Road, opposite Lalbagh, Wet Gate.

With ‘diligence and determination’ as the motto, the school has been able to maintain 100% results since its inception. What’s so very unique about this public school is that it is able to provide Quality Education of Public school standards at a really affordable cost.

Giving importance to the over-all development of children, yoga and music classes are mandatory for all. In order to overcome stage fear, every child is made to read a ‘saying’ in the assembly every day. Field trips are arranged so that children learn to be independent and adjust to all kinds of environment.


R.V.Integrated School for the Disabled

‘Service to society ... is service to self' - this adage fits the RSS Trust. The noble cause of serving the society reflects itself in every institution they manage. More so in case of R.V. integrated school for the Disable which is an integrated school up Standard X for the differently abled.

A well-thought of noble initiative of the management, the school is one among the five such schools in Bangalore. A walk through the school is a heart rending experience. Nursery children so cute and so eager to talk but not clear enough touch your emotions and make you cry. But, the grit and the determination of the 10 specially trained teachers, helps these children become a part of the mainstream. They are taught in Kannada, a local language, more so the mother tongue of most children so that they can adapt themselves easily with the others.

The school is well equipped with sound treated rooms, individual speech therapy rooms, personalized language development programs, etc. Usually children with hearing problems, speech impairment, motor disability, low vision and learning disability are admitted.

In the initial stages (Nursery), parents are required to be with child throughout at the school so that the child adapts itself to a special environment with ease. One has to visit the school to feel how wonderful these children are...they feel, they think, they need to be adored.

The achievements of these children is mainly, the mainstream education they get into: some of them have also completed their degrees at Chitrakala Parishat (Fine Arts); some are Engineers; MCA Degree holders; Cricketers and achievers in many other fields. Some of the teachers too have been awarded ‘Best Teacher Awards'.

The whole set up, makes you admire the social work the Trust has done and continues to do so.


R.V.High School
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Keeping a step ahead of R.V. Higher primary School, the R.V. Boys High School (as it was then called, only when boys were admitted) was founded in 1948 by Sri. M.C.Sivananda Sarma with a great enthusiasm.

Presently situated in the same premises of R.V. Higher Primary School, the management made it co-ed in 2000. Henceforth, the R.V. Boys High School was christened as R.V. High School.

Despite the onslaught of many International Public Schools, the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust, with the keen concern for the poor has made it a point to manage this Kannada medium school since 1948.

Although, litterateurs, activists and others have raised their voice to make Kannada an official language and give it a heritage tag, English has become a must for everyone in this tech-savvy world. Keeping this in mind, the school takes additional interest and conducts special tests in English regularly.

Interestingly, the chief mentor, Late.D.A.Pandu, was an alumnus of this school. The school gives special emphasis to discipline with a ‘mission' to realize purposeful ideals and carve a niche in the vast educational world.

A unique feature of the institution is its NCC Air Wing which is more than 50 years old. A separate NCC room, equipped with models and charts has a memorable history of its own. Boy cadets with high motivation have brought laurels and own prizes at national level. A pioneer Air wing in a school in Bangalore South, it boasts of many alumni- Squadron Leader H.N.Ravi Kumar, is an officer at Indian Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bangalore; Karnataka 1 Air Squadron Wing Commander Manoj Kumar is another alumnus. A brush through records, a look into the display at the Head Master's chamber tells you great details about shields won by students in all fields; Swetha, an alumnus is a TV artist. The list is endless.

In keeping with the technological pace, the school also provides basic computer education. A computer laboratory, a library are additional assets. Every nook and corner of the school reflects the social concern of the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust. Indeed, this ‘Educational institution is a tribute to its founder'.

Children are God’s gift and childhood is all about innocence, liveliness and happiness. We are all aware that our prestigious R.S.S.T has given utmost importance to education by providing opportunities to the students in various fields. Adding another feather to its golden cap, Shishuvihar, R.V. Nursery with CBSE syllabus is a new introduction into its string of institutions. The inauguration was held on June 8, 2016. The occasion was graced by Shri. Syed Shahameer, Registrar, R.S.S.T and Smt. Vedavathi Bai, Principal R.V. Girl’s School.


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